Traditional Irish Evenings

A Real Traditional Irish “Ball Night”

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Our Irish evening entertainment includes our “American Wake” and “The Home Coming” presentations. These are nights of Irish food, music, song, dance and story telling, re-enacting the old customs that took place in Irish homes the night before a family member emigrated, or returned, from a foreign land. These traditional Irish hooleys were known locally as “Ball Nights“.

Upon arrival at Molly Gallivan’s Cottage, guests will be treated to a traditional Irish three course meal. Then sit back and relax around Molly’s open fire in her 200 year old cottage. Here, local actors, singers, musicians, dancers and story teller will perform for you in the true traditional Irish spirit. Your night will be hosted by a local Seanchai (Storyteller). He will take you back in time to the excitement and merriment that was the “Ball Night”. During the night you will be offered refreshments, invited to dance, sing a song or maybe tell a story of your own! A surprise treat can also be expected on this very unique night.

Not to be missed when in Ireland. Young and old welcome.

Transport arranged on request from and back to your accommodation.

Enjoy a traditional Irish meal in Molly’s Cottage

Experience a traditional evening meal in the cosy surroundings of Molly’s 200 year old cottage or in our barn restaurant. All foods are cooked and served in the traditional style, with hospitality made famous by the great Molly herself.

Whether you are a Corporate gathering, or simply out for a quite evening with friends and family, Molly Gallivan’s offers you that unique Traditional Irish experience.

Pre-booking necessary.

Remember because we are a family run business we can customise your evening to your requirements.

Traditional Irish Experience

Molly Gallivan’s cottage and traditional farm is a ideal location for Corporate gatherings and tour Groups interested in a real traditional Irish experience.

Be it just a Irish night of music, song and stories by the open fire in Molly’s Cottage or using the entire Cottage and Farm to give the complete traditional experience with demonstrations, traditional food and entertainment.

Because we are a family run business we can customise your day, event or evenings for you.